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WebEOC is a web based Crisis Information Management Software (CIMS) providing realtime access to emergency information that can be simultaneously shared among emergency response teams, decision makers, and supporting organizations during the planning, response and recovery phases of any emergency. Crisis Information Management Software/CIMS is found in Emergency Operation Centers both in the public and private sectors, supporting the management of crisis information and the corresponding response by public safety agencies and corporate organizations. CIMS software allows managers to effectively communicate and function during an EOC activation. Such a system will improve emergency data collection, retrieval, and storage, while at the same time reducing reporting time and costs and providing a standard integrated system.

WebEOC puts integrated information management within the budget of any emergency operations center. Technology developed for the federal government has been redefined for commercial use. Resulting in secure, real-time access to state and national weather trends, satellite images, mapping information, details of operations in other jurisdictions, local, regional and even national resource status and other data vital to the efficient management of any contingency. The world's first web-based emergency management communications system, WebEOC provides cost-effective, real-time information sharing. By linking local, state, national, and even worldwide sources together, WebEOC helps to facilitate decision-making in emergency situations. WebEOC can also be adapted for non-emergency day to day use.

WebEOC (Click for full WebEOC PDF)
WebEOC Features (Click for a full Features PDF)
White Paper

Start quickly – it’s so easy to use, no user manual required for basic tools. Normally, users need
    only five minutes of training to get started!
Fully Customizable - build your own status boards
Share information with all staff (locally and remotely), using easy to update electronic displays
Open standards - WebEOC operates using Internet Explorer, does not use proprietary client
    license-dependent technology
Simulator - Provides agencies the ability to construct scenarios and run them for training and
MapTac - Allow user to mark/draw on tactical maps and photos then share them instantly
Plus many other features

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